BETL Documentation

Lars Kielhorn

ETH Zurich
Seminar of Applied Mathematics

Table of Contents

I. The basics of BETL
1. A short survey on boundary integral operators
Green's identities
Fundamental solution and representation formula
Trace Operators and Boundary Integral Operators
2. The Concepts of BETL
Defining finite element spaces in BETL
The FE Basis
The dof handler
II. Working with BETL
3. Installing BETL
Preliminary remarks
Installing BETL
4. Tutorial
How to compile the tutorial examples
Example 1: Processing input files and exporting vtu-files
Example 2: The DofHandler concept
Example 3: Generating Boundary Layer potentials

List of Figures

2.1. Supported Lagrangian bases
2.2. Supported edge basis

List of Examples

2.1. Possible finite element basis declarations
2.2. Impossible finite element basis declarations
2.3. A possible dof handler declaration