Chapter 1. A short survey on boundary integral operators

Table of Contents

Green's identities
Fundamental solution and representation formula
Trace Operators and Boundary Integral Operators


This part of the BETL documentation serves as an introduction to Boundary Element Methods — in particular it is meant to be an introduction to symmetric Galerkin-based three-dimensional Boundary Element Methods. Naturally, this introduction is neither a comprehensive treatise on Boundary Integral Equations nor gives it an detailed overview on their respective discretisation schemes, the Boundary Element Methods. For this the reader is referred to well-known literature like, e.g., [GlEtAl03], [Hckbsch89], [HsWdlnd08], [McLn00], [StrSchwb11], [Stnbch08], [StrdhrEtAl08]. This introductory chapter is basically about the definition of a common language. Hence, even if you are familiar with Boundary Element Methods (and we assume that you are!) at least a rough reading through this chapter is recommended since it may help to clarify the notion of expressions.