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Seminar in SS 2005:

Absorbing Boundary Conditions

Lecturer : Prof. R. Hiptmair
Room : HG D. 5.2
Time : Di 10:00-12:00
Start date : 12.4.2004
Prep meeting : Tue 29.3.2004, 10:15, HG D 5.2
Language : English
Contact : R. Hiptmair,,
S. Tordeux,
Prerequisites : Familiarity with calculus and numerical treatment of PDEs


Volume based discretization schemes (finite elements and finite differences) can only be used to deal with boundary value problems posed on unbounded domains, when artificial truncation of the domain is employed. At the new artificial boundary boundary conditions have to employed that represent the impact of the neglected exterior part of the domain. Various approaches to the construction of such boundary conditions have been devised:

Talks and dates:

  1. 29.3.2005: Preparatory meeting
  2. 3.5.2005: Alexander Thomann ``Introduction to PML in time domain'' [4, Ch. 1& 2], Slides
  3. 10.5.2005: Mark Fischer ``Construction of PML'' [8,9], Slides
  4. 17.5.2005: Marc Reinhardt ``Analysis of PML for Helmholtz equation'' [5,6], Slides
  5. 31.5.2005: Norbert Stoop ``Optimization of PML'' [3], Slides
  6. 7.6.2005: Oliver Pfeifer ``Mathematical properties of PML in time domain'' [4, Ch. 3], Slides
  7. 14.6.2005: Krish ``PML ABCs for finite volume methods on triangular meshes", Slides
  8. 21.6.2005: Manuel Largo ''Adaptive PML'' [2], Slides
  9. 28.6.2005: Paolo Corti ''Local approximate absorbing boundary conditions'' [1], cancelled

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Prof. Ralf Hiptmair 2005-03-29