Analysis and Numerical approximation of PDEs
Workshop: Analysis and Numerical approximation of PDEs
Zurich, 08-10 September 2014

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Prof. Eitan Tadmor


This conference will cover latest developments in the analysis and numerical approximation of nonlinear PDEs. The conference will honor Prof. Eitan Tadmor on his 60th birthday. All talks will be given by invited plenary speakers. There will be a poster session for interested participants.

Invited Speakers

  • R. Caflisch (UCLA)
  • W. Dahmen (RWTH, Aachen)
  • C. De Lellis (Zurich)
  • U. S. Fjordholm (Trondheim)
  • H. Holden (Trondheim)
  • A. Kiselev (Rice)
  • D. Kröner (Freiburg)
  • A. Kurganov (Tulane)
  • P. LeFloch (Paris VI)
  • Y. Maday (Paris VI)
  • S. Mallat (Ecole Polytechnique)
  • P. Marcati (L' Aquila)
  • P. Markowich (KAUST)
  • B. Popov (Texas A&M)
  • G. Russo (Catania)
  • J. Tanner (Oxford)