Selected Preprints

    Below is a list of selected preprints of mine. Any preprint can be viewed by clicking the corresponding link.

  1. Reconstructing fine details of small objects by using plasmonic spectroscopic data. Part II: The strong interaction regime. Submitted to SIAM Journal on Imaging Sciences (with M. Ruiz, S. Yu, and H. Zhang).
  2. Double-negative acoustic metamaterials. Submitted to Archive on Rational Mechanics and Analysis (with B. Fitzpatrick, H. Lee, S. Yu, and H. Zhang).
  3. High frequency homogenization of bubbly crystals. Submitted to Communications in Mathematical Physics (with H. Lee and H. Zhang).
  4. Field expansions for systems of strongly coupled plasmonic nanoparticle. Submitted to SIAM Journal on Numerical Analysis (with M. Ruiz, S. Yu, and H. Zhang).
  5. Double-negative electromagnetic metamaterials due to chirality. Submitted to Wave Motion (with W. Wu and S. Yu).
  6. Numerical determination of anomalies in multifrequency electrical impedance tomography. Submitted to European Journal of Applied Mathematics (with F. Triki and C.H. Tsou).
  7. Minnaert resonances for acoustic waves in bubbly media. Submitted to Annales de l'Institut Henri Poincaré: Analyse Nonlinéaire (with B. Fitzpatrick, D. Gontier, H. Lee, and H. Zhang).