Selected Preprints

    Below is a list of selected preprints of mine. Any preprint can be viewed by clicking the corresponding link.

  1. Shape and size dependence of dipolar plasmonic resonance of nanoparticles. Submitted to SIAM Journal on Applied Mathematics (with P. Millien).
  2. Wave-field shaping in cavities by tunable metasurfaces. Submitted to Asymptotic Analysis (with K. Imeri and W. Wu).
  3. Subwavelength localized modes for acoustic waves in bubbly crystals with a defect. Submitted to SIAM Journal on Applied Mathematics (with B. Fitzpatrick, E. Orvehed Hiltunen, and S. Yu).
  4. Dynamic Spike Super-resolution and Applications to Ultrafast Ultrasound Imaging. Submitted to SIAM Journal on Imaging Sciences (with G. Alberti, F. Romero, and T. Wintz).
  5. A mathematical and numerical framework for near-field optics. Submitted to Proceedings of the Royal Society A (with D. Choi and S. Yu).
  6. The point-interaction approximation for the fields generated by contrasted bubbles at arbitrary fixed frequencies. Submitted to Archive on Rational Mechanics and Analysis (with D.P. Challa, , Choudhury, and M. Sini).
  7. Double-negative acoustic metamaterials. Submitted to Multiscale Modeling and Simulation: A SIAM Interdisciplinary Journal (with B. Fitzpatrick, H. Lee, S. Yu, and H. Zhang).
  8. High frequency homogenization of bubbly crystals. Submitted to SIAM Journal on Mathematical Analysis (with H. Lee and H. Zhang).
  9. Double-negative electromagnetic metamaterials due to chirality. Submitted to Quarterly of Applied Mathematics (with W. Wu and S. Yu).